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The Castello®  was named in honor of  the Italian well known architect masterpieces- Castles. 

Italy is proud of the the country`s customs and traditions. One of the best point is the fashion. An Italian master-hand has the centuries-old world fame. Yes, especially,  for leather goods.

The Castello® mission is to unite the Italian history with the fashion in leather products.

Best designers pay great attention to each product. The Castello®  combine the vintage and smart design with the modern technology. Every item is made by hand, using the best raw materials.





The collections named after historical Italian Castles. We try to embody the history and give the opportunity to everyone to feel the Italian spirit.

Men`s collection20%
Women`s collection80%


We hope you will do the real justice to Castello® products.

our credo

Qualità. Unicità. La vostra Castello®


The fashion trend history is too complicated. Today there is a huge task for every designer to offer something new. The Castello brand brings us special stuff. Are you  smart?- Must have. Try it.


Do not waste your time to things you do not like. Everything should be for pleasure.



  1. The handbag shows your indiidualyty, your character. Multy-function options are usefull for the everyday life. Be yourself, Attracting everyone’s attention. You are the lady.

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